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Each quarter we provide an overview of the global financial marketplace and a future outlook on the market’s potential.

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Recent Insights

Q3 2018 – “The Robust U.S Economy Carries On”

Despite vast publicity in the media, very few people really understand Bitcoin. We will attempt to explain Bitcoin in simple, nontechnical terms and why we think current Bitcoin market investors are riding a speculative wave that could soon collapse.

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Q1 2018 – “Market Volatility Returns”

The U.S. stock market started off in January with a bang, rallying to new records daily. However, in February volatility was reintroduced to investors at a level that has not been seen since 2015, as measured by the CBOE Volatility Index (VIX).

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Q4 2017 – “Expect More of the Same in 2018″

Investors throughout the world had much to cheer this past New Year’s celebration, as positive returns were experienced by investors throughout all markets. Stocks in the U.S. had their best year since 2013 as the S&P 500 Index returned 21.8% with December marking 14 consecutive months of positive returns, a feat not achieved since 1970.

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