Funds We Manage

In addition to separate account management for individuals and institutions, KCM acts as advisor to a broad line-up of mutual funds through the Buffalo Funds.

The Buffalo Funds are available direct and through numerous fund platforms for IRAs, taxable accounts, and corporate 401(k) plans.

Quick Facts

Year Founded: 1994


KCM is the founder and advisor to the Buffalo Funds, a group of ten no-load, actively-managed mutual funds. The Funds represent a full range of capitalization size and growth and income options. They are available to help our private clients achieve investment diversification and reach their long-term financial goals. The Funds are also popular choices for 401(k) plans and are used by many Fortune 500 companies.

Domestic Equity

  • Discovery (BUFTX / BUITX)
  • Early Stage Growth (BUFOX / BUIOX)
  • Growth (BUFGX / BIIGX)
  • Large Cap (BUFEX / BUIEX)
  • Mid Cap (BUFMX / BUIMX)
  • Small Cap (BUFSX / BUISX)

International Equity

  • International (BUFIX / BUIIX)


  • Dividend Focus (BUFDX / BUIDX)
  • Flexible Income (BUFBX / BUIBX)
  • High Yield (BUFHX / BUIHX)