Private Wealth Management

The Kornitzer Private Client Services (KPCS) group is dedicated to providing personalized investment solutions for its clients. The group adheres to a strict discipline of prudently investing each client’s assets with the objective of building a customized, diversified portfolio of securities offering attractive risk/reward profiles.

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“Our clients have unique needs that are best served through an investment portfolio customized to their specific goals and risk tolerances, with a focus on long-term performance and tax efficiency.”

~ Chris Carter, Portfolio Manager

“You can’t take a cookie-cutter approach to managing separate accounts for individuals. The amount of risk you expose clients to must be appropriate for their age and individual circumstances. Therefore, having the expertise to invest in both stocks and bonds is vital, and the ability to offer more than one equity strategy is definitely in a client’s best interest over their lifetime.”
~ John C. Kornitzer

Just as a portfolio of stocks needs to be actively managed over time, so too does an individual’s investment portfolio. KCM has the investment experience to help clients achieve their long-term financial goals throughout the various investment stages. Each individual’s unique set of circumstances are taken into consideration in order to construct the optimal portfolio for each phase.


As our clients begin the process of setting their financial goals, they often use the Buffalo Funds. At this stage, the primary objective is typically growth of capital.


Prior to retirement a slow transition is commonly made from asset accumulation to preservation of capital. This is primarily achieved by introducing an income component to a portfolio, which supplements the growth portion. The result is usually a slightly more conservative portfolio leading up to retirement.

Separately managed accounts may also be created to help an investor accomplish their long-term financial goals.


Upon retirement, a client’s investment objectives often shift once again. Income generation and capital preservation typically become the primary goals. This frequently calls for a conservative portfolio that emphasizes income over growth.

In this stage, separately managed accounts through Kornitzer Private Client Services often offer individuals the optimal solution. Portfolios are customized in order to adhere to each individual’s unique set of circumstances.

Portfolio Manager of Private Clients
Each of our clients has a dedicated individual as their primary point of contact in regards to the management of the client’s portfolio. The primary role of a Portfolio Manager of Private Clients at KCM is to act as a conduit between the Portfolio Fund Managers, Research Analysts, and the clients. They act as a guide so clients have confidence that their investments are being managed prudently and properly. As a private client at KCM, your personal Portfolio Manager also ensures your asset allocation is appropriate based on your investment policy, age, risk tolerance, current financial situation, and long term goals. In this role, your portfolio manager is responsible for being aware of the investment activity that takes place in a client’s portfolio and informing them of any changes.

Additionally, they are able to help coordinate interactions with administrators, custodians, trust companies, accountants, estate planners and banks in order to implement each client’s long term financial goals.

KCM generates a majority of its research internally – there is no substitute for doing the work yourself. We dedicate all the time and effort necessary to complete rigorous, comprehensive company evaluations.

KPCS has the distinct characteristic of being small enough to provide private clients with the attention to detail they deserve, yet large enough to offer a wide variety of investment alternatives.

Whether your objectives include growth or value, small caps or large caps, fixed income or equities, domestic or international, KPCS has the personnel and expertise to provide clients with solutions to meet their financial goals. All of our investment disciplines are straightforward and firmly focused on the long term.

Our firm prides itself on being able to create customized solutions for each client based on their individual needs. Under this framework portfolios are actively and individually managed.

The majority of our accounts are managed utilizing a team based approach, with every investment professional on staff contributing to the research process. Portfolio Managers as well as Research Analysts are responsible for identifying and implementing investment opportunities that have the potential to add value to our clients’ portfolios.

Professional Collaboration

  • Determine your goals and objectives
  • Design your distinct portfolio strategy
  • Work as a team with trust companies, custodians, administrators, estate planners, and banks to ensure a smooth process

Strategy Implementation

  • Dedicated Value and Growth teams
  • Proprietary in-house research
  • Team-based investment management
  • Continuous monitoring of your investments

Performance &

  • Long-term performance track record
  • Tax efficiency
  • Competitive Fees

KPCS has the ability to offer clients a wide range of investment options including multiple strategies in multiple asset classes, covering the full spectrum of market capitalizations.

value investing;
identifying equity investments that we believe have been undervalued by investors and the markets.


The Kornitzer Private Client Services’ (KPCS) value approach is a bottom-up discipline that focuses on the full range of market capitalizations. The core of the portfolio consists of high quality, financially secure companies that are trading below their estimated intrinsic value, while the remaining holdings frequently take an opportunistic approach toward under-followed and out of favor companies.

Our value approach focuses on long term capital appreciation as well as capital preservation. We attempt to manage risk by investing in a broad number of companies, across various industries which have the ability to generate strong cash flow, and by investing in securities that have low expectations and/or are under-followed by Wall Street.

growth investing;
equity investments that we believe will show faster-than-GDP growth over the coming years.


KPCS’s growth approach is driven by a top-down perspective that identifies long-term secular trends. Next, in-depth fundamental research is conducted on companies we expect could benefit from those trends. The approach is designed to uncover companies growing revenues faster than GDP, which are financially-strong and attractively-valued, both relative to the market and historically.

Our growth approach focuses on long-term capital appreciation. We attempt to manage risk by investing in a broad number of companies, across various industries, which have strong balance sheets and the ability to generate free cash flow.

international investing;
international equity investments provide exposure to fast-growing economies around the world.


KCM’s international approach involves a top-down focus on long-term global trends and seeks a combination of long-term stable growth companies, special situations, and emerging growth franchises. This approach provides clients with exposure to the faster growing economies around the world.

fixed income investing;
corporate, convertible, and municipal bond expertise.

Fixed Income

The firm’s fixed income approach involves intensive credit analysis and focuses on high current income. A typical fixed income portfolio will combine investment grade and high yield bonds with convertible securities. Portfolios usually consist of core holdings in industries with favorable long-term economic trends and are supplemented with “out of favor” holdings discovered through contrarian research.

Because of our in-depth research, we have the confidence to maintain a fairly concentrated portfolio where each holding can be a meaningful contributor to performance, while maintaining an acceptable risk profile.

As a KCM client, we recognize our relationship is based on trust. Our staff is well-trained and focused on protecting your personal information, and we hold ourselves to the highest standards in its safekeeping and use.

Your privacy is paramount to KCM.

We take great care to safeguard the privacy of our clients and the security of their assets. We have confidentiality agreements with employees. We deploy secure computer network and encryption methods of personal data, and we have a disaster recovery plan, including offsite backup of records. Finally, we have strict policies on the disposal of information.

KCM will never disclose your name, information, or data to any outside party without prior consent.

“Our approach is aimed at wealth management now and for generations to come. Many of our clients have 3, 4, even 5 generations of the same family with investment assets at KCM for over a quarter of a century.

We think that’s a testament to the quality of investment advice and personal service we provide to all our clients.”

~ John C. Kornitzer, Founder