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Kornitzer Capital Management is a full service investment management firm managing assets for institutions, mutual funds and private clients. Institutional clients benefit from our separately managed accounts, tailored to investment policy guidelines and tax requirements. With our approach to lifetime asset management, KCM helps our private clients achieve their long-term financial goals throughout the various investment stages including accumulation, preservation, and retirement.

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KCM is consistently ranked as one of the top fee-based investment advisers in Kansas City, by overall assets under management, as ranked by the Kansas City Business Journal.

In 2022 we held the #11 spot.

KCM is a privately-held, employee-owned corporation, founded in 1989 by John C. Kornitzer. Prior to founding KCM, Mr. Kornitzer was Vice President of Investments for Employers Reinsurance Corp (ERC). He joined ERC in 1978, and managed corporate assets for the company through acquisitions by Getty Oil, Texaco and finally General Electric Investment Corporation (GEIC), where he ran investment portfolios for ERC and GEIC until founding KCM.

The firm was created to manage customized portfolios for private clients and institutions. We continue to provide client-focused, personalized money management through our Kornitzer Private Client Services (KPCS) group, and pension, corporate, and foundation separate account management through our institutional services group.

With our approach to lifetime asset management, KCM helps clients achieve their long-term financial goals throughout the various investment stages including accumulation, preservation, and retirement.

Over the years, based on client request or need, we formed companies and alliances to better serve specific niches.

Buffalo Funds

KCM founded this fund family in 1994 and continues to serve as its manager. The family of no-load mutual funds consists of 10 publicly registered stock and bond funds and represents a full range of capitalization size and growth and income options.

Our working philosophy:

  • Integrity and honesty in everything we do.
  • Independent thinking and creativity.
  • Hard work and attention to detail.
  • Pride of ownership.
  • Investing alongside our clients.
We take pride in our long-term track record. We work with our clients to set realistic investment objectives, and then endeavor to meet or exceed those objectives without taking undue risks. Historical performance of the firm’s various investment strategies is available upon request. Regardless of the investment strategy, our investment professionals use the same fundamentally sound research process that has served our firm so well in the past when positioning a portfolio for the future.

Lastly, we recognize that fees and taxes play an important role in determining long-term performance, so we strive to keep our fee structure competitive and tax consequences to a minimum.

We are dedicated to generating a majority of our research in-house.

Research is the cornerstone for each of the Kornitzer Capital Management investment disciplines. Our research is comprehensive and a vast majority is internally generated. Over the years, this process has been molded into a disciplined practice of discovery, investigation, and implementation. This proprietary analysis has been the key driver of our solid long-term results – not market timing or interest rate forecasting.

We pride ourselves on being able to find, analyze, and critique information on the companies we invest in. We use a variety of fundamental evaluation methods while dissecting vast amounts of data, visiting companies as well as their competitors and suppliers, and writing formal research reports. Lastly, we build proprietary financial models and use multiple valuation methodologies to derive a security’s intrinsic value.

After the completion of extensive analysis the recommendation is evaluated in both informal and formal investment meetings. The security is subject to intense group scrutiny. Once all discussion is complete then the group takes action.

KCM’s commitment to research enables its investment professionals to think independently and invest with confidence for the long term, especially when short-term sentiment runs the other way. Our belief is that periods of great pessimism often generate the best investment opportunities.

KCM’s lead portfolio managers have, on average, more than 20 years of research and portfolio management experience. Over 90% of our portfolio managers and research analysts hold the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.

Our approach to people is simple: hire the very best, and expect the very best from them. We only hire experienced professionals with proven analytical skills. Kornitzer Capital Management has attracted a talented team of investment professionals by providing an ethical working environment and the challenges, opportunities and rewards that are part of working at a growing firm.

Leadership Team

Joe Neuberger, CPA
President & CEO

Laura Symon Browne, CFP, ChFC
Executive Vice President – KCM
President – Buffalo Funds

John Kornitzer
Founder – KCM, Buffalo Funds
Portfolio Manager

Fred Coats, JD
Chief Compliance Officer

Barry Koster, CPA
Chief Financial Officer

Portfolio Managers

Dave Carlsen, CFA
Portfolio Manager

Chris Carter, CFA
Portfolio Manager of Private Clients

Doug Cartwright, CFA
Portfolio Manager

Jeff Deardorff, CFA
Portfolio Manager

Paul Dlugosch, CFA
Portfolio Manager

Kent Gasaway
Portfolio Manager of Private Clients

Matthew Ison, CFA
Portfolio Manager of Private Clients

Nicole Kornitzer, CFA
Portfolio Manager

Ken Laudan
Portfolio Manager

Bob Male, CFA
Portfolio Manager

Craig Richard, CFA
Portfolio Manager

John Shepley, CFA
Portfolio Manager of Private Clients

Jeff Sitzmann, CFA
Portfolio Manager

Pat Warren, CFA
Portfolio Manager of Private Clients

Josh West, CFA
Portfolio Manager

Research Analysts

Michael Grossman, CFA
Investment Research Analyst

Tim Jenkins, CFA
Equity Research Analyst

Tori Johnson, CFA
Equity Research Analyst

Nathan Soulis, CFA
Equity Research Analyst

Pat Srinivas
Equity Research Analyst

Trading Team

Brett Coughlin
Equity & Fixed Income Trader

Janet Jones
Fixed Income Trader

Aaron Schafer
Equity Trader

Marketing & Distribution

Christopher Crawford
Head of Sales & Marketing

Scott Johnson
National Account Manager & Consultant Relations

“We have a team of dedicated professionals committed to helping you identify and achieve your financial goals. Over 90% of our portfolio managers and research analysts hold the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. Portfolio managers have an average of 20+ years professional investment experience. We have investment experts in every market sector, specialized research analysts, and a dedicated trading staff – all committed to long-term client success and personalized service.”

~ John C. Kornitzer, Founder

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