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Top Female Portfolio Managers in America

KCM portfolio manager Nicole Kornitzer included in Citywire’s top 20 list.

KCM - Grounded in Research

Vision for the Future. Dedicated to Lifetime Asset Management.

Wealth Management Now and for Generations to come.

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Kornitzer Capital Management, Inc. (KCM) is a full service investment management firm managing assets for institutions, mutual funds, and private clients.

Our Private Wealth Management team provides client-focused, personalized money management. Portfolios are customized for each individual’s unique set of circumstances.

Institutional Clients benefit from our separately-managed accounts, tailored to investment policy guidelines and tax requirements.

Since the Buffalo Funds were founded in 1994, KCM has provided portfolio management services, growing the family of 10 mutual funds to billions of dollars in assets under management.

Success Is Sweet - In Business and in Life

Managing the financial rewards of that success can be challenging and burdensome.

KCM allows you to outsource this responsibility to a trusted advisor that has worked with clients in similar life stages for more than 20 years.

Our specialty is managing the security, growth, income generation, and transfer of personal assets you have accumulated over your career.

It is an expertise our company was built upon in our early years… and continues as a core competency today.

History of Success

KCM clients are served by seasoned professionals who have successfully managed client assets through numerous bull/bear markets, high and low interest rate environments, inflation, deflation, wars, and other challenging scenarios. This adversity has given us valuable insight and experience that we share with our clients.

Conservatism and common sense solutions have attracted corporate executives, business owners, doctors, dentists, and other successful professionals as KCM clients. They turn to us for investment strategies that are simple, fit their needs, and stand the test of time.

Since 1989, we have provided the same level of service and expertise to our clients, primarily growing through word-of-mouth referrals. We’d be happy to share with you some of the many stories of success we have been a part of over the past 25+ years!

Skills to Manage

At KCM, we have spent years honing our financial management process. We have built a team of dedicated professionals who are committed to helping you identify and achieve your financial goals.

Over 90% of our portfolio managers and research analysts hold the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.

Our experience is broad and deep. We have investment experts in every market sector, specialized research analysts, and a dedicated trading staff. We have a team of client service professionals that have a broad base of skills and are highly accessible. All are committed to long-term client success and personalized service.

We are also continuously improving our skillsets and staying up-to-date with current market trends and investing approaches. As a full-service firm, we have all the skills required to provide top-notch asset management for any portfolio size.

KCM Advantage

  • Experienced professionals who understand your goals and how to achieve them
  • Exceptional service with attention to detail
  • Long-term performance focus using diverse, customized investments and funds
  • Tax-efficient portfolio management
  • Independent, knowledgeable investing not bound by indexes
  • Competitive fee structure
  • Shared commitment to results – our assets are invested along with yours.
“We take the time to understand our client’s unique financial situation, their short and long-term financial goals, and their risk tolerance and investing mindset.

We seek to understand not only their quantitative financial situation but also their attitudes, thoughts, concerns, and comforts with investing, and in the process, find out what is most important to the individual.”

~ John C. Kornitzer, Founder

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